Our policies are subject to change.

Our goal is to create an environment that is fun, social, creative, engaging, and above all, safe! Below are some guidelines you can expect when participating in our programs:

  • We are vaccinated!

    As of June 2021, 100% of Porch Light’s staff (all teachers, office staff, managers and technical staff) have been fully vaccinated! We are very proud of our staff for taking this step to protect themselves and others.

  • Masks

    All students and staff will wear masks indoors during group activities regardless of vaccination status. Masks may be removed outdoors and during snack/breaks. Silicone mask brackets are available upon request and are helpful for creating room inside your mask to improve breathability, diction and projection, and can be particularly helpful when singing and performing. We will continue to evaluate mask usage throughout our programs. Mask surveys may be sent to specific programs to evaluate any changes on a case by case basis.

  • Class Sizes

    We are excited to be able to accommodate more students in our programs. We will continue to evaluate the maximum number of students in a specific program to maintain a safe and effective learning environment. This can vary depending on the type of program and activity, so classes and summer camps will likely still reach capacity and be closed out. Waitlists are offered for all programs.

  • Hand Washing and Sanitizing

    Students will be encouraged to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after entering class and before/after eating. Please send your child with their own sanitizer if you prefer a certain product or scent.

  • Daily cleaning & disinfecting

    We have increased the frequency of our cleaning and disinfecting, in addition to weekly cleaning by a professional service. All high touch surfaces (countertops, chairs, bathrooms, doorknobs, light switches, etc) will be cleaned and disinfected continuously throughout the day using EPA registered products. Students wait in the lobby or outside in order for our staff to clean and disinfect rooms.

  • Social Distancing

    While social distancing is no longer mandated, staff, students and visitors are encouraged to maintain social distancing whenever possible. We have clear markings throughout our building to remind us to keep our distance!

  • Temperature Checks and Wellness Monitoring

    Temperature checks and wellness forms are not required at this time, however, we still encourage you to monitor your child for any signs of illness and keep them home if they feel sick.

  • Outdoor/Open Air Time

    As nicer weather is now upon us, we will continue to use our outdoor Actor’s Lot and Open Air studio as often as possible. We encourage students to dress in layers to accommodate the possibility of outdoor and indoor activities.

  • Snacks/Breaks

    Snack breaks are now permitted for all programs but are generally only utilized for programs longer than 90 minutes. Snack breaks will be taken outside whenever possible. All food must be packaged and labeled with your child’s name on it and kept with their belongings at all times.

  • Virtual Options & Attendance

    In the event your child cannot attend class due to conflict, illness, travel or quarantine, some programs may have a ZOOM option. Studio classes and lessons may also schedule a makeup class at a later date. All materials are available in your class portals and it is easy to follow along from home!

  • Performances

    Porch Light has developed a multi-phase plan for structuring our performances. Cast members will remain informed throughout the process if changes need to be made to our active phase or any protocols specific to your child's show. Any changes are at the discretion of Porch Light and/or state and local guidelines only. Click here for policies for ticket holders.
    Phase 4: Full show/costumes/sets/live audiences
    Phase 3: Full show/costumes/sets/limited or restricted audiences (Current)
    Phase 2: Full show/costumes/sets/in-studio filmed or live streamed performances with no in-person audiences
    Phase 1: Full show/costumes/no sets/virtual live or recorded and edited performances
    *Live-streaming will be available for many performances but are dependent on our licensing agreements. Please refer to your ShowTime Updates emails to determine if your child’s show will be live streamed.

  • Quarantining & Communication

    In the event you/your child has had exposure or has otherwise been instructed to quarantine for any reason, please contact our office so we can help make informed decisions about the safety of other students and staff members. If we receive any reports of an active student or staff member testing positive for COVID-19, anyone that had direct contact with that individual will be notified. Please keep an open line of communication with us to ensure everyone is safe!

  • We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and will continue to evaluate the situation and notify our customers of any changes or additional protocols. Thank you for working with us to ensure a safe, social and fun experience for everyone!
    Let’s keep building characters!

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